Accès à l'espace privé

JET EVAL is an organization whose goal is to ensure that aircraft owners have at their disposal all necessary technical, administrative and budgetary elements concerning their airplane or helicopter, so that they can minimize risks and be in a position to take the right decisions at the right time.

The organization is supported by a team with a vast amount of experience in these different fields - technical, economic and budgetary.

The service we provide is aimed more specifically at

  • Owners of private jets, so that technical maintenance can be carried out by the operators.
  • Banking institutions in charge of financing aircraft and keen to have oversight over how they are operated, so as to guarantee that the market value of the equipment they are financing is maintained, particularly in the event of repossession.
  • Insurers, so as to ensure that the terms of use of the aircraft insured by them adhere to the requirements of the insurance contract.


  • Target customers: banking institutions in charge of financing aircraft, and insurers
  • Goal: To provide an annual/monthly/quarterly report on the condition of the aircraft


  • Target customers: Bank/insurer/Owner
  • Goal: To limit over-billing by maintenance workshops for scheduled maintenance work, damage repair work or restorative work (estimate inspection / site inspection / checking of invoices

Technical, regulatory and administrative support, from acquisition to commissioning. Negotiation and monitoring of contracts, in order to optimize costs.


  • Target customers: Aircraft owners
  • Goal: to satisfy the regulatory obligations of the EASA on monitoring the aircraft's navigability. To be the interface with the Administration (EASA / DAC / OSAC)
  • CAMO: Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization


Buying or selling an aircraft is both simple and complicated at the same time, since the interests at stake are substantial, and transactions like this involve a diverse set of responsibilities that are best entrusted to professionals.

The sale or acquisition processes involve various stages, from the choice of aircraft through to the management of it, and incorporating its financing.

Furthermore, the level of requirements on either side of the transaction, from the buyer’s side as much as that of the seller, means that the negotiations become more like a partnership rather than a strictly commercial relationship. Indeed, the technical and administrative evaluation of an aircraft, of whatever kind, calls for the skills and competencies of a professional from this domain, with real experience in the field of aeronautics.

Owning a private jet or a helicopter requires the involvement of highly-qualified professionals, such as pilots and technicians whose skills are constantly monitored by public bodies which satisfy very strict assessment criteria, so that Safety - the watchword in all our aeronautical activities - is never called into question.

In addition to the purely technical aspect of the evaluation, there is also a need to ensure consistency in the choice of aircraft, in accordance with the client's requirements and needs. Indeed, the purchase or sale of an aircraft is generally made with the intention of it being used for a number of years, and this accounts for why it is so important for JET EVAL to conduct a detailed study of the files entrusted to it.

We guarantee that our activities will be confidential and impartial at all times, and that your interests will become our interests.


  • To keep airplanes in a good state of technical repair, by offering clients high-quality professional maintenance operations that guarantee flight safety
  • To avoid unnecessary expenses, while keeping costs under control and optimizing them
  • To be able to anticipate problems, whether they are of a technical, administrative and/or regulatory nature.
  • To manage and provide the necessary equipment for technical visits.
  • To be the intermediary, the indispensable arbiter, between the owner and the user, in order to safeguard the owner's financial interests and guarantee an optimization of flight safety for him or her. To be the party that reports back to insurance companies, in order to reassure them about the conditions of use of the equipment insured.
  • To facilitate and manage the various stages of the sale or acquisition of an aircraft, in a way that respects the client's interests while taking into account the aeronautical regulations of the countries in question.